Jerry Neyer for State Representative

Meet Jerry

Jerry Neyer was born and raised in Isabella County. You could say he has roots in this community. He's spent the last 30 years working his family's 300 cow dairy farm with his dad and brother. He's also spent more than 20 years serving on the Isabella County Farm Bureau, the Michigan Dairy Marketing Committee, and the Isabella County Planning Commission. Jerry isn't interested in an easy job. As a farmer, he's used to hard work! What he is interested in is doing the right thing for the people of his community.

Are you with me?
Jerry Neyer standing in a field

Neyer has management and leadership skills that allow him to be a consensus builder. His faith is a guiding principle, and he's ready to make the tough decisions we rely on our elected officials for. Jerry Neyer is looking forward to the future of Michigan. A future that is bright for his kids, his farm, and his community. Jerry lives in Shepherd with his wife of 28 years. They have two grown sons, one daughter-in-law and two dogs.


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Jerry Neyer talking to a man on the sidewalk in front of a storefront

Protecting our Democracy:

  • Stand against the Governor's unconstitutional overreach and failed regulations
  • Limit executive mandates and powers so that we can return to a system of co-equal branches of government
  • Hold our government officials and bureaucrats to higher standards

Protecting our Children:

  • Increase support for early childhood education to ensure high quality programs
  • Support alternative education options that fit the needs of students including school choice and alternative education options
  • Increase access to skilled trade schools and apprenticeship programs

Protecting our Family Farms:

  • Reduce regulations and red tape so Michigan farmers can respond quickly to market changes
  • Support and strengthen the "Right to Farm" Act
  • Improve transportation and communication infrastructure so that our Michigan farmers can compete and trade on a global level
Jerry Neyer standing in front of a field with a barn in the background

In the short-term, Michigan has seen a multi-billion dollar influx of COVID relief funds. We have to use these funds strategically. The dollars should not be used to create more dependency on government but should be spent to support long-term opportunities.
We need to:

  • Rebuild and improve Michigan's infrastructure: transportation, water and sewer systems, gas and electric energy grid
  • Expand access to high-speed internet state-wide
  • Help rebuild school infrastructure so schools can commit their dollars to classroom instruction and resources


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